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Vacuum Sales

Vacuum Sales

Mister Sweeper offers a wide variety of vacuums with many different styles and features. Most brands and models are solidly built and will last several years without maintenance problems. The choice in models comes down to your specific needs, tastes, and budget.

Vacuum Repair & Service

Vacuum Repair & Service

The Duncan Mister Sweeper store has a service center where experienced technicians give FREE estimates, and repair your vacuum in-store, often completing repairs in the same day. For people or businesses who can't make it in with their vacuums/cleaning equipment problems, we will pick up and deliver for as little as $20.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

We also have a full range of totally organic cleaners for all purpose jobs and we carry hardwood floor microfiber mops as well. Other products we carry include carpet shampoo, laundry liquid and powder, and dishwashing powder. We also have different types of air cleaners for those concerned about air quality in the home, including Austin Air, and Oreck.

About Mister Sweeper Vacuums

Since 1973, Mister Sweeper Vacuums and Healthy Home Centres has served the cleaning needs of Duncan, BC.

We have a full range of 100% organic cleaners for all purpose jobs, and we carry hardwood floor microfiber mops as well. We have carpet shampoo, laundry and dish detergent, and a variety of air cleaners from Austin Air and Oreck. We carry the largest selection of vacuum bags, belts, filters, and parts for all makes and models of canisters, uprights, and built-ins.

At Mister Sweeper, we are proud of a very friendly and knowledgeable staff, whose goal is always to do the very best for our customers. Whether it's advice on a purchase, or repairs to your existing unit, stop by our store and we will be happy to serve your needs!


Review from Sep 28, 2020

Mister Sweeper Vacuums was very professional, as always helpful and informative.

Review from Jul 01, 2020

Excellent service from Mister Sweeper Vacuums. Everything working fine and I appreciated that they stay opened until I got down there for fixing. Thank you.

Review from Feb 09, 2020

The service from Mister Sweeper Vacuums was good, price was very good, and yes I will return. Thank you.

Review from Jan 27, 2020

Mister Sweeper Vacuums was absolutely excellent and I couldn't say anything about it, except that if I needed to have the fellow here again I would call him back.

Review from Mar 04, 2019

The vacuum i wanted was not available at Mister Sweeper Vacuums, but they was very helpful in telling me where to go, thank you!

Review from Aug 29, 2018

It's been a very good experience working with Mister Sweeper Vacuums. I don't have any complaints, very good service.

Review from Jun 18, 2018

Hi I just want to let you know, that Mister Sweeper Vacuums was just fantastic with me. Very very helpful, put an order in for me, plus when my order came in, he even helped me put the belt on my vacuum cleaner, which really helped me out, because i didn't know what I was doing. Anyway the service was fantastic! Thank you.

Review from May 18, 2018

Our relation with Mister Sweeper Vacuums has always been excellent and we enjoy dealing with them, thank you.

Review from Apr 01, 2018

It was very good experience with Mister Sweeper Vacuums. Gentleman was more than helpful and I can't say enough. Thank you very much.

Review from Mar 16, 2018

Everything with Mister Sweeper Vacuums was just great! Thank you very much.

Review from Feb 28, 2018

Hi! Mister Sweeper Vacuums always been great and they even do more than the average person, so they're always been great!

Review from Feb 28, 2018

I had excellent experiences with Mister Sweeper Vacuums. Always helpful and well informed.

Review from Jan 08, 2018

I have had no problems with Mister Sweeper Vacuums. I bought my vacuum from him over a year ago now. I just chatted Mister Sweeper Vacuums and they fixed it. It wasn't too expensive so, you know, I like Mister Sweeper Vacuums. Thank you, bye.

Review from Nov 20, 2017

Yes we were happy with the service, that we got from Mister Sweeper Vacuums and we went looking for filters for the vacuum, which apparently we didn't need because we didn't need to change them. So we came away, leaving the old filters in and that was it. Thank you.

Review from Sep 19, 2017

Mister sweeper worked out really well for us, they came on time, they showed up when they were supposed to. We didn't much like the first visit so they came back, they put the cost of our visit on to what we had to buy, eventually we had to buy our vacuum cleaner it was not going to be revived. And the service at the store was great! They always had time, very informative so for us Mr sleeper was a 5 out of 5 thank you!

Review from Aug 07, 2017

Mister Sweeper Vacuums are really good guys, never had a problem with them and doing business with them for years.

Review from Jul 29, 2017

Mister Sweeper Vacuums in Duncan was pretty good. I phoned him and he told me what to do when I had a vacuum problem, so it was quick and he didn't even charge me for an over the phone service.


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